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We See Parents Confident In Their Children's Future & Foundation

All Things Ministries is celebrating how We See God moving and those who have enabled us to move toward needs with the hope of the Gospel.

Hear 3 Stories from PARENTS and how the fears of sending your child off to college have been replaced because of freshmen retreats standing in the gap.

Beth W. - Grove Retreat Parent

"[Sending our daughter to the Grove Retreat] was the best decision we have made and I’m so thankful for the friendships she built there, finding a group of friends to experience college with.

We moved her in on a Saturday afternoon and had planned to take her to breakfast Sunday before we headed home. She had some friends text her Saturday evening to see if she wanted to join them for church Sunday morning.

Her first Sunday at college and she was already plugging in.

... We couldn’t be sad or upset about leaving her, knowing she was already meeting the right type of people and getting involved so early. We are very thankful for the impact of the Grove Retreat on her life!!"


All Things Ministries is looking to find 100 new monthly donors willing to give $60/month and enable us to go where We See God calling us...


Patti D. - Arch Retreat Parent

"I just can't thank you enough for the fantastic weekend that the Arch Retreat was for the incoming freshmen and transfer students at UGA. So much time and prayer went into the retreat and it showed.

My daughter Victoria learned a lot about the Faith Community available to her at UGA and churches in Athens. She showed me all of the material she received and was already so excited to get involved. She made many new friends through the retreat and I know she will recognize faces the minute she walks on campus.

I’m sure that the parents of the other freshmen feel as excited as I do regarding my young adult’s next four years on a large, secular campus, all because of the Arch Retreat.

I can’t wait to see what God will do in these student's lives as a result of All Things Ministries' faithfulness and obedience. "


ANONYMOUS - Grove Parent

"Sending my daughter to The Grove Retreat gave me so much more confidence and reassurance.

I knew that she will now have new friends to encourage her and connections in the local church and campus ministries in Oxford."


We See Parents Excited for the Future Spiritual Flourishing of Their Students.

These stories only skim the surface of the ways that parents are being encouraged by the work of All Things Ministries. We exist to ensure students find a Gospel-centered community that encourages them in their pursuit of Jesus.

The Lord is faithful. We See God taking care of college students by placing them into Church families. Partner with us this year, and be a part of the testimonies of students who follow Jesus all the way through college.

Will you invest in these students, and in future generations, and see how we can change lives together?

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