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We See Leaders Growing In Confidence In Christ.

All Things Ministries is celebrating how We See God moving and leaders who are confidently leading others by example.

Here are 4 stories from student leaders who experienced new courage in Christ.

Abby Smith, Director, Arch Retreat

"I have grown so much closer to the Lord through my involvement in this ministry. I have gotten the privilege of hearing countless stories of freshmen getting plugged in to ministries and churches and continuing the relationships started at the retreat. The impact the retreat has on on staff members is just as huge as it is as for the freshmen.

People's testimonies have begun with the ARCH Retreat! Faiths have been strengthened because of it! And wow, it is such a blessing on my life to hear the stories and to carry one of my own. Being a part of the ARCH Retreat has been the most impactful experience in my walk with Jesus.

I have grown, not only in leadership skills, but in confidence in the Lord

I have grown in my knowledge of the sheer power of prayer. The Lord has shown me what it looks like to follow Him Abby Smith & Jacob Tanner - Arch Directors

faithfully, step by step, resting in His truth, faithfulness and goodness.

As Director of the ARCH, I had a bird's eye view during the retreat and watched literally thousands of prayers be answered in one weekend! From fears melting away, to the right number of tables showing up before the ministry fair, to overwhelming support from our ministry partners, to co-counselors connecting on a deep level, to freshmen leaving with a new community. It's spectacular to watch and even better to be a part of!

He is so faithful, even when we are not, and His hand is upon these retreats!"


Kyndal White - Counselor, Grove Retreat

"I feel more confident and equipped to step into leadership positions!

The Grove Retreat has grown my heart for Ole Miss Freshman, and I want to lead them as best I can! I was so nervous to lead my Grove Group at first. But as the week progressed, I felt more comfortable around my students and was able to share more with them. Because I know the rest of The Grove Retreat staff supports me and I can fall on them! Because of their support, I could confidently reach out and be intentional with my Grove group and family group!"


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Bella Worley, Director, Living Stones Retreat

Bella Worley

"My walk with Christ and my confidence in Him has been changed forever.

I have been a part of the Living Stones retreat in different positions for 4 years. Through The Living Stones Retreat, the Lord has shown Himself faithful in an abundance of ways. Because of TLSR, I have seen the need for growing in Christ-centered community.

Because of TLSR, I know the Lord will enact His will no matter the circumstances. I could go on forever about how much I have been impacted by this retreat.

As an incoming freshman 4 years ago, I was shocked that so many upperclassmen cared about pouring into freshmen and seeing them walk with Christ in college.

As a counselor, the Lord pulled me outside of my comfort zone and I was trusting the Lord in ways that I had not before. My first year on leadership I will always remember how my prayers and the prayers of others on staff were answered so explicitly that only the Lord could have orchestrated such perfection. This past year, I was so immensely humbled through every detail of the retreat. The year spent planning the retreat was intimidating.

the many challenges called me to trust the Lord in deeper waters

But praise God that the wind and waves obey His command! Through the good and the bad, the Lord revealed His goodness, humility, and graciousness.

I am who I am today because of the Living Stones Retreat. "


Kristin (KP) Partlow - Female Counselor Trainer, Arch Retreat

"I saw what it meant to be a part of the body of Christ. To be a part of the Church. Not just a church, or a friend group, or a ministry, but the capital C Church.

I learned what it means to serve humbly but with confidence. Confidence that no matter what I have done or where I am at, He will use me for His good.

I grasped what it looks like to live every day on a mission; to fight for what the Lord has called us to do on both our bad days and our good days. On days where we can't see the end and on days where we are steps from the finish line. On days that seem like His presence is so far and on days where we can feel His warmth in the room.

I was in awe of what the Lord did in just 3 days as we waved goodbye to our Freshman/Transfers. The ARCH Retreat is geared towards Freshman/New students coming into Athens. That's the mission, that's what everyone's hearts are set on and eyes are focused on. But there is so much more to it. As a senior serving on ARCH Leadership, this retreat was one the most pivotal moments in my Christian walk. I wasn't focused on my problems or myself but solely on the mission of the ARCH and making it come to life.

When our hearts are focused on things above, we give God the space to do His good work within us. And boy did He do it.

I cannot emphasize how much this retreat has meant to me over the past few years. I will confidently walk away from this season of life knowing that of my 4 years here in Athens, being able to serve at ARCH was the most impactful thing that I was a part of."


Praise God for These Testimonies and The Donors Who Have Made Life Change Possible Across So Many Campuses - We See God Moving in Big Ways

We see a new generation of leaders fearlessly stepping into the roles God has created them for, thanks to your generosity.

If you see what we know God is doing through All Things Ministries, we invite you to partner with us and invest in these students who are investing in the lives of freshmen, in their community and building up the church.

We are seeking 100 new donors before the end of the year to say yes to a partnership together and walk with All Things Ministries as we see a need and respond with the hope of the Gospel.

We are grateful to all of you for helping create the opportunities that allowed these students to lead, grow, and glorify God by pouring into younger students.

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