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We See Leaders Being Equipped and Impassioned to Share Jesus With Others.

All Things Ministries is celebrating how We See God moving and those who have enabled us to move toward needs with the hope of the Gospel.

Hear 5 Stories from student leaders and how they have seen their passion for Jesus grow.

Caden Mcgarity - Counselor, Junction Retreat

"I was able to connect with my co-leaders while leading our family group. We had amazing discussions and our freshmen opened up in the first session. We were able to be vulnerable and honest with one another, and the love of Jesus was so evident in our group and throughout the entire camp.

I was filled with a passion to share the Gospel and spread the love of Jesus in my everyday life.

Our staff was amazing from lead team all the way to the support staff.

The Junction Retreat totally refocused my heart on the love of Jesus."


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Gabby Coates, counselor, living stones retreat

"I have grown in my faith and continue to see more and more of God’s goodness, kindness, faithfulness, sovereignty, and provisions. The spiritual community that this retreat has given me is more than I could ask for and has been such an encouragement.

During my time as a camper and a counselor, I have learned the importance of the local church, having believers who are walking alongside you to encourage you, pray with you, worship with you, cry with you, and hold you accountable. I am forever grateful for the way this retreat has impacted me personally, as well as my school and the people around me.

In my first year at Living Stones, I came as a camper and during Walk the Line we corporately confessed our sins to the Lord and laid them down at His feet. I was so moved and humbled when I saw how many of us all struggle with some of the same things.

It was such a sweet moment to see us all come together in boldness.

That was the first time I had ever confessed some of the sins I had been struggling with, and the freedom that came from that life has continued to change my life.

The Living Stones Retreat has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

I have continued to grow in so many ways, including how to share the gospel with other students and start spiritual conversations, which has been something truly special. It has also brought me some of the sweetest friendships and gifted me with Gabby Coates

a spiritual community I know I can always lean on.

Most importantly, it has grown my love and adoration for my Heavenly Father, who continues to be so faithful through this retreat."


Spencer Smith - Director, Oaks Retreat

"Because of the Oaks, I grew in many ways. Hearing and seeing the stories that happened at the retreat was very humbling because I knew that it was the Lord that was working and it was not my doing!

Being in a leadership role like this was challenging in many ways but it forced me to rely on the Lord in powerful ways.

The Oaks is always eye-opening because it is such a spiritually powerful week that we hope to see reflected in the rest of our lives. The challenges, the excitement, the hardship, and the joys of the week are all so real but every time they remind me of how my daily life should look and feel. This year that was definitely the case and

I walked away seeing more of who the Lord is in my daily life and who I am in light of that.

I am very thankful for this opportunity and will always carry with me the lessons I learned from The Oaks Retreat this year."


Kaitlyn Lambert - Head of Logistics, Arch Retreat

"Serving as Head of Logistics for its first two years, I was able to learn about my spiritual gifts, discover my passion for administration and communication, and learn how to effectively work in ministry alongside my closest friends. These two years of service and two years of leadership teams have made me a better Christ-follower who is more equipped in how I can best serve the Kingdom.

And the ARCH Retreat will always be one of my loves. As someone who came into college desperate for an authentic Christian community, and then was able to find it through beginning the ARCH Retreat at UGA alongside some friends, it has been the most humbling experience to witness ARCH give back to so many students what it has given to me.

I would not be who I am or have the community I have without ARCH, and I have loved watching it grow and deepen over the last two years.

From a group of freshmen who just wanted to make others’ college transitions easier, to a thriving community of students, staff, and ministries that so beautifully reflect the family of the Church."


natalie hall - assistant to logistics, Chimes Retreat

"I've gotten to be a part of The Chimes Retreat for the past two years (soon three!) and it has been such a blessing to see how the Lord has worked through Chimes. Not only have I been so encouraged to see how passionate incoming students are about the Lord and how He has changed hearts for Him, but I've also been able to see how God has used Chimes to bring unity to the overall church in Tuscaloosa.

I have been able to become good friends with so many people from different churches and they have been so important in helping me grow in my faith and encouraging me to pursue the Lord!

The community that has come from The Chimes Retreat is such a testament to the Lord's faithfulness and how He is working through this ministry."

We See God Moving And We Rejoice. Church, Be Encouraged.

These testimonies are just a few that we get the joy of hearing all the time. This is the work of All Things Ministries made so evident. We exist to bring people into Gospel-believing communities and deepen their roots in the truth of the Lord.

He is Good. We See God Moving and if you would consider partnering with us this year, we believe there is more still to be done.

We are confident this work can be multiplied on other campuses and deepened where we are today. Will you invest in these students, in the future generations, and see how together we can change lives?

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