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We See Donors Invested in the Lives of the Next Generation of the Church

All Things Ministries is celebrating how We See God moving and those who have enabled us to move toward needs with the hope of the Gospel.

Hear 3 Donor Stories and Why They Give Below. Remember That Everything We're Able to Do To share the Love of Christ is Because of Donor Support.

Holly Muncie - ATM PARTNER

"I have been involved with All Things for almost ten years as a board member and donor. To see it grow past Auburn University, flourish, and spread to other college campuses has just been amazing.

Providing college freshmen with a community of believers before they even move in on campus is invaluable.

We’ve known many students that have benefitted as this greatly impacted their walk with the Lord in college. I’ve also randomly met students around Auburn who have told me attending the freshman retreat changed their life and immediately gave them community and a ministry to be a part of whether that’s with a church’s college ministry or one of the campus ministries.

We pray that’s what’s happening on all of these campuses!"

The Muncie Family


All Things Ministries is looking to find 100 new monthly donors willing to give $60/month and enable us to go where We See God calling us...


Kerry Bradley - ATM PARTNER

"We love the fact that All Things Ministries is both a unifier of various churches and campus ministries - providing a forum for working together toward the same end goal - and a relationship builder between incoming freshmen, upperclassmen, and ministries/churches.

In a world of supply and demand, they are helping gospel “suppliers” increase and then fully meet demand!

We’ve seen the impact All Things Ministries has on incoming freshmen, but also on the hundreds of upperclassmen volunteers - who get to “give back” to the freshmen who follow them, growing their own ministry and leadership skills as counselors, organizers, etc."

We see more students involved in churches & ministries and better involvement at deeper levels - for four years, not just one!

Cara Bowman - ATM PARTNER

"We give to the Oaks Retreat (and All Things Ministries) because we’ve seen firsthand, in our daughter, the impact of a retreat that introduces incoming freshmen to the Christian community in Auburn.

Whether those relationships are freshmen meeting each other for the first time, counselors discipling freshmen, or leadership growing closer to one another, it has been incredible to see how different people stir up one another in Christ. These are relationships that I am still very thankful for today."

Freshmen year is such a critical time; we want to do all we can to share with these students the depths of God's love for them.

We See God Moving And Need More Donors to Partner With Us TO MEET ALL THE NEEDS & BRING HIS HOPE.

The transformation we are seeing on campuses wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of our donor community. We are so grateful for each of these families and their commitment to investing in the next generation of the church.

This year-end, we are prayerfully seeking 100 new monthly donors to further the mission of All Things Ministries. We see God opening the doors for more freshmen retreats, opportunities to reach international students, and tangible ways we can be the hands and feet of our local communities.

We see your generosity as a partnership–equipping us to meet the needs of the local church. More-so, you are helping us elevate the name of Jesus even higher.

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