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Vecinos - Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Vecinos is our new student-led ministry aimed at engaging and loving our Spanish speaking neighbors in the Auburn-Opelika area.

As schools and students all over the city have been settling into their routines, we are beginning to ramp up our efforts at the Woodland Hills apartments in Auburn—one of our target areas to reach with the love of Jesus.

Here we focus on reaching families through after-school programs and tutoring sessions for kids whose parents are out at work until the evening. We play games, do crafts, talk about Jesus, and offer help with schoolwork.

Moving forward, we plan to put on fun experiences for families such as Trick-or-Treating, a community Thanksgiving Dinner at the apartment complex, and Christmas Caroling.

Already, these families are being impacted by experiencing the love of Jesus and can see their community changing.

One of our volunteers shared a powerful interaction she had with one of the moms in the community.

"A few weeks ago I was playing with the children of the community when a mother called me over.

Even though she herself has four children, only two of them old enough to play with the rest of the kids when we visit, she serves as a sort of caretaker for all of the dependent children in the community while their parents are at work.

Through giggles and tears she explained how grateful the community was that someone was able to give their children the time and attention that we do.

She expressed that the parents wished they were able to be more present and involved in their children’s lives, but due to their long work hours and often physically demanding jobs they just don’t have the energy on most weeknights. She thanked us all for our commitment to their kids, noting the love of God that she felt through it all."

"She thanked us all for our commitment to their kids, noting the love of God that she felt through it all."

Join Us In Praying for Our Neighbors—Our Vecinos—as we bring them the love of christ.

It is in moments like these that we are reminded of the work that the Lord does through our simple acts of obedient love, reflecting the sacrificial love of Christ.

Please join us in praying for our neighbors—that the Lord opens their eyes to His love for them, and that we may be faithful workers to carry His love in every interaction.

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